about me

I have more than ten years experience working as a professional photographer for a wide range of clients.
I prefer a reportage style that allows me to document an event as it unfolds. My photographs, are honest, simple and striking and my approach is friendly and relaxed. To achieve natural-looking photos I spend time getting to know my subjects and making them feel as ease.
I never put a time limit on this part of the project, because it’s so important.
I prefer to use natural light and to shoot on location, if possible.

I have a degree in photography from the University College, Falmouth (uk), and Ive assisted many leading photographers. I branched out on my own in 2007. I have exhibited internationally, in London, Berlin and New York.

I currently specialise in taking promotional photographs of actors and musicians – including jazz stars Root 70 – but I also enjoy working with families, companies and organisations like the Design Museum in London.

If you would like an important company event documented or a special family moment captured then please do get in touch.


lena ganssmann photography
boppstr. 9
10967 berlin
e.: hi@lenaganssmann.com
p.: +49 30 537 91 772
m.: +49 (0) 15779746891

photo by kathrin raczek